About Kumquat product of Yangshuo,Guilin,China

As we all know, kumquat, are also known as citrus reticulata which are belong to the rutaceae citrus family kumquat. It contains vitamin C40 ~ 50 mg of vitamin A, P and aromatic oils, carrot and other substances for per 100 grams of the flesh kumquat. And that can treat eye diseases, cough, asthma, high blood pressure, prevent arteriosclerosis and other special effects. The fresh kumquat can be eaten with flesh pick up, and they can also be processed into juice, preserves, canned, candied fruits, jams, fruit wine etc. Kumquat is used widely, so It is called that the real king of fruit.

Yangshuo kumquat, as well as pomelo,Valencia orange, mandarin, persimmon, chestnut is one of the sixth most famous fruits at Yangshuo. It’s fomous for its beautiful tree straight, evergreen, golden fruit bright luster introduction tender crisp, quality, moderately sweet and sour. The kumquat at Yangshuo has 140 years of its history.

In 2000, Yangshuo kumquat was named the first brand-name agricultural products by the Guilin government.

In 2001, it was named as the famous brand in China International Agricultural Expo.

In 2002, it was identified the base of pollution free production by the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

In2003, entified as one of the first pollution-free agricultural products by the National Agricultural Ministry of national Product Quality certification Committee

We hold the pollution-free products as purpose, we provide the agricultural technology directly to the farmers and we support the pollution pesticides,the management to ensure and improve the quality of products in the control of pests and diseases while.

Our products planting and production base is located in the beautiful scenery of Baisha town which is near Yangshuo. And that also is the sightseeing tours new landscape. Yangshuo kumquat start pumping at the beginning of summer in a year and the fruits are ripe during the Mid-Autumn Festival,but the taste of the kumquat isn’t as sweet as November and December of the year. The annual New Year’s Day and before the Spring Festival is the golden age of long shelf life of fruit which is good for the long-distance transport. After April, there would be no superior fruit shelf life.

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